11 Mar 2017

Good evening all!

I want to bring to your attention that we now have clothing standards per today’s annual meeting. Now that I said that DON’T PANIC!!!!

I’m not going to thoroughly discuss them here just yet. Please go look at them first. They were not drafted lightly and were not meant to be impossible to achieve.

I do want to make you aware of the following points.

1) Current members will have until the next annual meeting to conform.

2) New members will have 1 year from date of membership to conform.

3) After that year we’ll turn you away from an event if you are not in conformance.

4) Being in very close communication with your NCO (me) and QM (me again) is key.


Most of us are already 99.9% good (Doc, even your mustache is safe as long as you remain German!) and only need a tweak or two. The biggest change for us is that we’re all going to be required to have an impression. I’m currently working through the best way to do that but start thinking while I do. I’ll promulgate more as I come up with it.

The board is also in talks about holding workshops so we’ll see what comes of this too. We’re going to do everything in our power to get everyone up to speed and still remain sane ourselves.

I’ve also taken the Quartermistress back from Barb Ziman which will kind of help consolidate things. I’m going to continue to work on lists of good patterns, etc.

We are going to work through this!

The link to the standards is: https://1varegiment.com/clothingstandards/

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Please if you have any questions choose “reply all.” I don’t usually endorse doing that but there’s a good chance that someone else has the same question.