14 Mar 2017

Ladies and Doc,

Now that our 2017 events have been set it’s time to start thinking about your attendance! Please send me a list of the events/activities you personally intend to participate in this year. Thanks!

Events listed below and on the website: https://1varegiment.com/calendar/.

As follow-up on the standards: There is now an approved list of patterns (work in progress!) linked from the standards and from the civilian page in the members only section (password marshall all lower case).  You  can expect a short survey about workshops coming up.  I’m also working on an addendum of sorts to the civilian research manual for any impressions not already covered but that’s not going to happen too quickly (Research is fun. I promise. It’s just time consuming…)

V/r, Laura

Regimental Events

20-21 May – Carolina Campaign, Brattonsville SC (Battle scenarios include Kings Mtn, Camden, and Eutaw Springs)

28-29 May – Memorial Day Tomb Vigil (Alexandria, VA)

29 May – Memorial Day Tomb Ceremony (Alexandria, VA)

4 July – Mt. Vernon Independence Day Celebration

15-16 December – Mt. Vernon Grand Illumination

18 February 2018 – Ft. Ward

19 February 2018 – George Washington Parade

TBD March 2018 – Annual Business Meeting

Regimental Activities

31 March-2 April – Virginia Dedication Day and weekend

6-7 May – Call to Arms, Mt. Vernon

17 June – 275th Anniversary of Fairfax County

19-20 August – Ft. Wellington, Prescott, Ontario

16-17 September – Mr. Vernon Colonial Craft Fair

14 October – Scotchtown