Horses and Hounds

A report on the recent visitation to His Excellency’s Plantation at Mount Vernon with the Horse and Hounds this past 14th of November 2015

1st Virginia detachment assigned to patrol his Excellency’s grounds for the protection of Lady Washington, her guests, and property. Our detachment consisted of a Dragoon section, mounted rifleman, and infantry accompanied by local patriot guides.

On this beautiful autumn day, Mount Vernon’s guests were treated with a spectacle of cavalry prowess, education to the roles of Dragoons, Rifleman, Infantry, and civilian scouts in our continuing struggle against Parliamentary Oppression, and afforded an opportunity to meet his Excellency’s warhorse Nelson and portrait horse Blueskin.  Additionally, the Plantation hosted two lively Fox Hunts with spirited chase of hounds and horses to the thrill and entertainment of all those who witnessed the event.

Our scene of serenity and exhibitions of our noble Dragoons was disrupted by a lone Tarleton Dragoon wandering onto the grounds.  Our sentry quickly engaged with a pair of daring Dragoons overwhelming the dreaded Green horseman.  Treated with the utmost civility and every kindness afforded to those who hold liberty in their heart, our would-be prisoner changed his heart and allegiance to join our esteemed Dragoons ranks.

The day’s sport ended with Dragoon competition for the illustrious Washington Cup.  The 1st Va Dragoon’s triumphed victorious to the applause and affection of the crowd.  We departed Mount Vernon late afternoon to rejoin the line in the continuation of our exertions to advance the cause of liberty and our reputations.

Your obedient and loyal servant,