Transition of 1st Virginia Regiment Dragoon Section to a Separate Entity

In order to maximize the goal to accurately portray infantry and dragoon soldiers of the American Revolution, educate the public and reduce administrative burdens, 1VA leadership and principals of the 1VA Dragoon section have mutually agreed to a transition of the 1st Virginia Dragoon section to a separate entity.  This transition will take place over the next 90 days during which time the dragoon section will reapply for membership to the Continental Line as an independent unit under sponsorship from the 2nd Dragoons and acquire separate unit insurance.  This decision was made amicably, with the best intentions for both parties and will enable each to more effectively research, recruit and develop two different types of impressions.  After the transition is complete (target date January 2018), both units will look for opportunities to mutually support each together at various living history and reenactment events.   Members of the dragoon section may remain members of the 1st Virginia as well, if they also desire to portray infantry soldiers and pay their unit dues.

Website Updates

I just wanted to make a new-campaign-season mention about website updates. The website is updated by YOU, the members! If you have event after action reports or photos that would be well suited to the website, please send them to the Webmaster at the email listed on the Marching Orders.

For posts: Please review for accuracy, spelling, and grammar prior to submission. Submissions will be reviewed prior to posting.

For photos: Photos will be credited to the originating photographer. If your are submitting your own photos, please include a line stating that you authorize their use on the website. If you are submitting another individual’s work, please provide contact information so that their release can be obtained. Please be aware that not all photos will be posted. They will be reviewed and curated as necessary.

The Webmaster retains the right to not publish inappropriate content.

Horses and Hounds

A report on the recent visitation to His Excellency’s Plantation at Mount Vernon with the Horse and Hounds this past 14th of November 2015

1st Virginia detachment assigned to patrol his Excellency’s grounds for the protection of Lady Washington, her guests, and property. Our detachment consisted of a Dragoon section, mounted rifleman, and infantry accompanied by local patriot guides.

On this beautiful autumn day, Mount Vernon’s guests were treated with a spectacle of cavalry prowess, education to the roles of Dragoons, Rifleman, Infantry, and civilian scouts in our continuing struggle against Parliamentary Oppression, and afforded an opportunity to meet his Excellency’s warhorse Nelson and portrait horse Blueskin.  Additionally, the Plantation hosted two lively Fox Hunts with spirited chase of hounds and horses to the thrill and entertainment of all those who witnessed the event.

Our scene of serenity and exhibitions of our noble Dragoons was disrupted by a lone Tarleton Dragoon wandering onto the grounds.  Our sentry quickly engaged with a pair of daring Dragoons overwhelming the dreaded Green horseman.  Treated with the utmost civility and every kindness afforded to those who hold liberty in their heart, our would-be prisoner changed his heart and allegiance to join our esteemed Dragoons ranks.

The day’s sport ended with Dragoon competition for the illustrious Washington Cup.  The 1st Va Dragoon’s triumphed victorious to the applause and affection of the crowd.  We departed Mount Vernon late afternoon to rejoin the line in the continuation of our exertions to advance the cause of liberty and our reputations.

Your obedient and loyal servant,


A report on the action at Welbourne’s Plantation

A report on the recent action against the enemies of our liberties and domestic well-being near Welbourne’s Plantation this past 6 – 8 November 2015

Responding to the militia call to arms in direct response to enemy movements, a small detachment from the 1st Virginia being on furlough joined the camp of the Augusta County Militia (ACM) resolved to harass and harangue the intruding Parliamentary Forces. Arriving past dark, a party was immediately set forward to scout and assess movements.  Finding no enemy presence, our band unanimously resolved to challenge entry onto the Plantation at the creek’s fording.

Arising at 4.30, our determined group set position prior to sunset whereas a sharp engagement ensued.   Holding back the Regulars in our front for several minutes, we retired only when severely pressed by Tory hordes to our left and Jaegers on our right. Returning to camp, the day’s rain began to dampen the field but not the fervor for our cause.  We built our wigwams and pooled our food to make a fine lunch of boiled meat and potatoes.  Augmented by Dragoons of the 3rd Continentals, we set out to loosen the enemy’s hold at the bridge site. We drove their sentries back scurrying like jackrabbits and were only forced back when overwhelming forces of Regulars arrived to their relief.  The day’s last foray split our forces with the ACM clearing the lower fields of the left, dragoons in the middle and our band on the upper right.  After gaining entry to the enemy’s rear, we pounced in surprise upon 2 pickets guarding their main camp.  Only their spirited flight for help prevented our ability in rendering them our guests for the evening. Returning well after dusk, the rest of the evening spent on guard duty.

Sunday morning found the Regulars retiring, along with their Tories and hired Mercenaries, from the Plantation’s grounds.  Confident in our exertions in the defense of our liberties in advancing our cause and reputations, we returned to the blissful serenity of our domiciles.

Your obedient and loyal servant,



Fort Ticonderoga Clothing Guidelines

I want to talk to you for a minute about the event at Fort Ticonderoga and material culture. Fort Ticonderoga has set forth clothing guidelines for the Brown’s Raid event in September. These guidelines are strict but very reasonable (http://brownsraid2015.com/participants.html). No guidelines have been set forth for women yet (keep an eye out though) and the guidelines for our men (militia) can actually be found here at the moment: http://www.fortticonderoga.org/education/reenactors/brown/militia. The website states that adherence to these guidelines is not a requirement.

Thank goodness right? You can stop reading, have nothing to worry about? Not really.