Civilian Patterns

Approved Patterns

Civilian Coordinator preferred patterns are starred (**). These patterns may be preferred for ease of use, accuracy, or both. Patterns listed on this page have been used or have been purchased and reviewed by the Civilian Coordinator.

If you want to use a pattern not on this list please ask the Civilian Coordinator. That pattern will be reviewed and, if approved, will be added to the list. So don’t hesitate to ask and suggest!

Note: Make sure you discuss fabric choice with Quartermistress of Civilian Coordinator. The right garment in the wrong fabric is still wrong and will not be permitted. Linen and Wool are the most commonly used fabrics for our impressions. Cotton and Silk may also be appropriate depending on use. Please also avoid obviously modern colors when selecting fabric.


Kannick’s Korner

**Woman’s Shift: Second Half of the 18th Century (1750-1800)

**Woman’s and Girl’s Caps 1740-1820 (Views A and B)


JP Ryan

18th Century Half-boned Stays for a Fashionable Shape

Robe a l’Anglaise or English Nightgown (View B)

A Fine Collection of Ladies’ Jackets for Undress Wear



**At the Sign of the Golden Scissors

Note: These are marketed as “a workshop in a pattern.” While the cost is higher than most patterns, the detailed instructions are HIGHLY worth the investment.

18th Century English Gown Pattern

Front and Back Lacing Stays

1770s English Bedgown Pattern

1770s Bonnet Pattern

18th Century Cap Patterns and Kits

18th Century Girl’s Gown

18th Century Silk Hat Pattern

18th Century Mitt Pattern

18th Century Quilted Petticoat


Mara Riley

18th Century Stockings

Monmouth Cap

18th Century Knitted Women’s Mitts


18th Century Knitted Women’s Mitts

Online (Free!) Patterns

Fashionable Fabric Petticoat Tutorial

Sharon Burnston –  Shifts

Sharon Burnston – 18th Century Quilted Waistcoat (Not for use as an outer garment and should be work under gown/jacket/bedgown)

Sharon Burnston – Infant Layette

Marquise – Bedgown (Note: This is a French pattern but is included due to the general lack of available English patterns. Still, the preferred bedgown pattern is from At the Sign of the Golden Scissors and is listed above.)