Advanced Member Packet

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You are receiving this packet because you have either been with us for 6 months to a year, or you have prior reenacting experience. This packet contains information and resources to help you continue to improve your impression and learn more about the time period we are portraying.

In the 1VA we encourage “getting it right.” Although we don’t do first person portrayals, we do strive to be as authentic as possible in dress, skill demonstrations, personas, etc. In order to do this it requires continuous research. At the same time, however, we do understand that not everyone has the time or the skill set to conduct in-depth academic research.

Research can be seen as intimidating and time-consuming and under most circumstances it is. However, we have worked hard to do much of the heavy lifting for you and make it as simple as possible. Today we are providing you with links and resources, research tips, and tips for achieving the research mindset to help you on your way.

Included on this CD are:

  1. This letter
  2. The First Regiment Civilian Research Manual
  3. Research for Reenactors PowerPoint
  4. Instructions for Printing and Binding 1VA Manuals

I would also like to bring your attention to a new website that has been built by one of our members. This website contains useful links and recommended reading material as well as a Research for Reenactors InfoGuide. This website is in its fledgling state and more sources will be added over time. The website is located at

Of note, there is a section containing 1VA Manuals and Documents, including the documents found on this disk. This section is password protected to avoid free use of these documents by non-members. The password is marshall. If you forget the password or the password changes without your knowledge please contact the distaff coordinator.





Laura Marceau