New Member Packet

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This packet serves as your formal welcome and gives you a jumping off point for assembling your kit and your persona. Here is contained the very basics in information and resources to help you get started. You will also eventually receive a Basic Civilian Handbook. Unfortunately that document is not quite complete just yet so you are currently receiving a simplified draft version called the Guide to Getting Started.

Included in this packet are:

  1. This letter
  2. Your Enlistment Papers
  3. Guide to Getting Started
  4. Distaff Instruction

In the 1VA we encourage “getting it right.” Although we don’t do first person portrayals, we do strive to be as authentic as possible in dress, skill demonstrations, personas, etc. At the same time, however, we do understand that not everyone has the time, skill, or finances to jump in with all four feet. To this end we have an admittedly limited distaff loaner locker that can help get you reasonably kitted out so that you can participate. We can also help you create or acquire a full kit one step at a time so that it does not overwhelm you or your wallet.

I would also like to bring your attention to our Research Portal. This website contains useful links and recommended reading material as well as a Research for Reenactors InfoGuide. The InfoGuide may be a bit advanced for you right now and we don’t want you to be overwhelmed! However, the Library and Online Vendors section will provide valuable resources for you as you start in this hobby.

The website is located at

Of not, there is a section containing 1VA Manuals and Documents, including the documents found on this disc. This section is password protected to avoid free use of these documents by non-members. The password is marshall. If you forget the password or the password changes without your knowledge please contact me and I’ll supply you with the updated password.





Laura Marceau