School Presentations

The First Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line is incorporated as a non-profit educational organization.  An important activity of our organization is to provide volunteer reenactors to speak to students at schools and other venues in the Northern Virginia area about the life of the soldier and civilians accompanying the Army during the American Revolution. These presentations consist of not only the military aspects of life as an American soldier in the 18th century, but cover a wide variety of sociological, political, business, logistics, and personal characteristics of those times. The typical presentation involves an experienced Regiment member, in an accurate recreation of the correct uniform for a Virginia soldier, with the full complement of equipment and weapons proper for his role. He will also display and discuss personal items and clothing typical of a soldier of the period. If requested and available, other reenactors in militia or civilian roles may also attend to broaden the interpretation presentation beyond that of the soldier. Presentations can be tailored in terms of length and maturity level of the listeners, much of our activity is geared to fourth graders as part of their Virginia colonial history instruction block.

Bringing the soldier’s personal weapons (typically a flintlock musket or rifle, and edged weapons such as a bayonet or knife) onto school property for such educational activities is authorized by Virginia law, and an authorization document is provided to the school for signature by the principal or other approving authority prior to any scheduled activity. The reenactor will not bring any normally prohibited item onto the school property without such a signed approval document. No actual ammunition or other dangerous materials will be present. The First Virginia Regiment will not conduct any program at an educational site where the weapons approval document is not signed and provided to the reenactor prior to the event.

While most of our members are employed full-time, several of them make time to speak at area schools during normal school hours. We endeavor to honor all requests for school appearances although availability depends on the schedules of the members who make these appearances. To request a visit please e-mail the Education Coordinator using the form below.

Although not required, we ask that a donation be made to our group for these school appearances. These payments are frequently made from school PTA groups and the amount is usually $100 – $200, but any amount is greatly appreciated. These funds go directly to pay the operating expenses of our organization, and no members receive payment for these appearances.

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