The following donated items of fabric are available for purchase in part or in their entirety as notated under each item. Purchase any of the fabrics listed here please use the order form.

Please be aware before purchasing fabric listed:.

  1. Items were not labeled when donated. I have conducted burn tests on everything listed and have provided my best guess of fiber content based on the burn test and the feel of the fabric.
  2. No guarantee any donated fabric is proper.
  3. I specifically state if a posted fabric should NOT be used for 18th century garments.

Butter Yellow Silk

Butter Yellow Silk

This silk has some slubs, though it is not as rough as Dupioni.

Fabric is 45″ wide.

3 yards are in stock. Fabric can be sold by the half yard.

Price: $18.00 per yard or $50 for the entire piece.

Black Wool Worsted (?)

Black Worsted Wool

This listing is for a very black wool. It feels like worsted, however I cannot be sure.

Fabric measures 59.5″ x 65″ (approximately 1.8 yards worth of fabric).

This fabric is being sold as a remnant and will not be sold by the yard.

Price: $20.00