Uniforms of the Regiment

Musketmen and Riflemen

The First Virginia Regiment musket and rifle co’ys wear two uniforms.

Musketmen carry a British 1769 Brown Bess (also known as the 2nd model or short land), leather cartridge box, bayonet, haversack, knapsack, and canteen.

Riflemen carry a rifle, possibles pouch, powder horn, priming horn or brass loader, a patch knife, haversack, canteen, skinning and cutting knife and a tomahawk.


Blue face red wool coat with brass artillery buttons and yellow tape around the buttonholes, white small clothes (breeches), black half gaiters, and cock’d hat bound in yellow tape.


Civilians wear clothing appropriate to their portrayal. All women civilians wear a sleeved outer garment (jacket, bedgown, or gown) and petticoats.


The First Virginia Regiment maintains several enlisted man tents for members to use. When able, the Regiment creates a brush arbor in place of a fly for the kitchen area. The Regiment attempts to present a camp that is as authentic as possible.