Transition of 1st Virginia Regiment Dragoon Section to a Separate Entity

In order to maximize the goal to accurately portray infantry and dragoon soldiers of the American Revolution, educate the public and reduce administrative burdens, 1VA leadership and principals of the 1VA Dragoon section have mutually agreed to a transition of the 1st Virginia Dragoon section to a separate entity.  This transition will take place over the next 90 days during which time the dragoon section will reapply for membership to the Continental Line as an independent unit under sponsorship from the 2nd Dragoons and acquire separate unit insurance.  This decision was made amicably, with the best intentions for both parties and will enable each to more effectively research, recruit and develop two different types of impressions.  After the transition is complete (target date January 2018), both units will look for opportunities to mutually support each together at various living history and reenactment events.   Members of the dragoon section may remain members of the 1st Virginia as well, if they also desire to portray infantry soldiers and pay their unit dues.

29-30 May 2016 – Memorial Day 24 Hour Vigil and Memorial Ceremony

Pictures courtesy of Michael Itamura.

The epitaph on the tomb reads:

Here lies a soldier of the Revolution whose identity is known but to God. His was an idealism that recognized a Supreme Being, that planted religious liberty on our shores, that overthrew despotism, that established a people’s government, that wrote a Constitution setting metes and bounds of delegated authority, that fixed a standard of value upon men above gold and lifted high the torch of civil liberty along the pathway of mankind. In ourselves his should exists as part of ours, his memory’s mansion.