Small Clothes Kits

Clothing kits come with all of the materials needed for a complete item (except thread).  Fabric will need to be washed and dried appropriately with edges “zig-zag” machine stitched prior to assembly to protect against unraveling (very important).

The QM will deliver your order according to your preference (at an event,  at QM home, or shipped to you – See Order Form), or if you choose, kits can be mailed to one of our sanctioned tailors for completion.  The QM will serve as middleman to ensure timely completion of a fully acceptable final product.

 NOTE: The items and prices shows are subject to change. The QM will confirm price and availability of each item when you order.

Body Shirt Kits


Large, $27.00
 X-Large, $32.00
XX-Large, $37.00

Waistcoat (Weskit) Kits

Weskit 2

Small/medium/large, $59.50
 M-Large, $72.50
 XX-Large, $85.50

Overalls Kits

New Picture (5)

Regular/Large, $62.30
 X-Large/XX-Large/X-Long, $70.80


 New Picture (11)
Sleeve links, $7.00
New Picture (9)
 Neck Stock Cotton Velvet with Leather Tabs, $20.00
 Neck Stock Buckles, $16.00